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See what people are saying...

Karon, MI

I was diagnosed with MS, have several prescriptions, & leg braces to assist me with walking at times. I purchased the Peppermint Body Butter for my legs & foot which swells. This product has stopped the pain & swelling is down. I can move about without constant pain! BLESSINGS from God! Keep helping with healing! No more meds for me!

Shonda E, MI

Excellent product! The butter penetrates in the skin and leaves your body feeling smooth, not to mention, it smells great. My favorite is the baby powder but now I'm loving the Candiland.

Shoneitra, IL

Best product ever and the smell last forever!

Myra, DE

My husband was exposed to poison oak & had a terrible breakout. I used the serum on his arms and in just 1 week we saw a HUGE difference. It truly works!!! 

Crystal, MI

I used the body scrub and it's amazingly lovely. I'm in love! Thanks so much!

Mrs. Smith, MI

Umm this body butter is about to get me in trouble. Men stopping in their tracks lol...keep it moving mister! But, really I need more, it's amazing!

Veronica, MI

My face felt so good all night. I can feel the difference already.

Latisha, MI

Thee BEST body butter EVER!

Candice, MI

Your body butter is soooo amazing!!! Sweet & Fruity is my go to moisturizer! Whenever I put it on, whoever I'm around is always complimenting me on how wonderful it smells!! You definitely have an AWESOME product!

Mariah, MI

Just put this on right after my shower and babyyyy it feels so good and smells amazing. Putting my orders in today!

Pastor Smith, MI

I love this body butter! My skin is absorbing it, it feels and smells great. Thank you so much!

C. Williams, MI

This Buttercream scent IS EVERYTHING!!! Walking around smelling like that delectable chocolate cake from Matilda!!! I'm trying to tell you! The other scents are amazing as well! I currently have 3 jars! I'm kind of addicted lol

Erica, MI

I absolutely love DB and believe with my entire heart that it will be successful and bless so many women and men!

Veronica, MI

My mom & I are in love with you Signature Baby Powder & Buttercream Body Butters!

Cook, IL

I have eczema and the body butter is really cleaning up my skin. It lasts all day, instantly moisturizes, great consistency, very light & not too greasy. The Coconut Bliss is my favorite.

Mrs. B., MI

The fellas in this place are tripping off my body butter. "Dang girl, you smell good!" Lol! Your body butters are amazing and the scents are long lasting! 

Stella Means, MI

My skin is addicted to this butter!!!! OMG, I love this product. It’s smooth, long lasting and the aroma lasts a long time!!!!!

Ivory, MI

My favorite body butter! I love the baby powder!!!!

Amy Combs, MI

Best body butter I’ve ever used, bought more for myself and then bought some for my daughter last week. In love!

Holt, IL

The body butter is the best I've ever smelled. It's soft, soothing & long lasting, even the scrub. You have a forever customer!

Knighten, IL

The body butter softens my skin and helps with my eczema & psoriasis. I even use it on my scalp. My favorite is the Sweet & Fruity. The scent is perfect, not too strong.

Cook, IL

The scrub got a lot of my dead skin off and it wasn't harsh on my skin.

Daisy, MI

I brought this for my husband and he LOVES IT! I even use the beard oil on my edges, LOL & I'm already seeing new growth and stimulation. My husband's beard is growing and is smooth and soft too! Great product! I stand by it!

Keisha, MI

I'm loving the oatmeal soap bar!! I've been using it now for almost two weeks & it has dried up my acne areas on my cheeks & has kept my oily face under control! Love it, great product! Thank you for creating this line especially since my skin can't take all these other products. 

Letina, MI

OMG!!! I love love love your sugar scrub. My skin is sooooo soft and not to mention smells awesome. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product (and it's all natural)!

Tiffany D., MI

This Shimmer Me Summer!! I had NO IDEA IT ACTUALLY had a shimmer to it! This one should be a BIG SELLER along with the great fragrance. I love it!!!

Our Story

Delicate Beauty Skincare is family owned and operated. Da'Che and Dewaynia started this journey in hopes of helping their daughter reduce flare ups and irritation of eczema. After learning risks of long-term steroid usage, an ingredient usually found in prescription creams and ointments, they were no longer comfortable with her constantly using them. This is where the path to formulating a more natural, dry/sensitive skin relief product began...hence Delicate Beauty Skincare!

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